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Summertime activities often include outdoor events, such as barbecues, gardening pursuits, pool parties, baseball games, and other outdoor recreational endeavors. One thing that can quickly destroy your backyard entertainment are pesky, biting party crashers. Mosquito Squad of Greater Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra can help make evenings outdoors more enjoyable by creating a less appealing area for annoying invaders. Don’t just swat them away, protect your family with our trusted prevention techniques. Deploy our mosquito control program right away!

We Provide Proven Protection

Mosquitoes aren’t just a nuisance that can leave behind a painful, itchy, bite. They can also pose potentially dangerous diseases. Our professional technicians use an intensive mosquito treatment to prevent and control the mosquitoes around your property all season long!

You may assume that mosquito-borne illnesses do not occur here in the beautiful, coastal communities of the St. Johns County area, when in fact nothing could be farther from the truth.

  • West Nile Virus made national headlines in 2012 when an epidemic of the mosquito-borne illness resulted in the 2nd highest number of cases ever reported in Florida. That same year WNV claimed the lives of 286 people nationwide. West Nile Virus has been identified in 48 states including all 67 Florida counties.
  • Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) has been widely associated with horses, as the name implies. However, the virus infects other mammals (including humans), birds, amphibians and reptiles. Most outbreaks occur in summer, but they are possible throughout the year in Florida.
  • Dengue Fever, which is also referred to as Breakbone Fever displays symptoms that mimic the flu. Cases of Dengue were reported in the Florida Keys and in Martin County, Florida, between 2009-2010. Most of these cases were due to people traveling to areas such as the Caribbean, Central and South America and Asia.

  • Chikungunya Virus is a fairly new mosquito-borne illness. However, there have been confirmed cases in our state. The majority of those infected attributed to residents traveling abroad. However, in July 2014, two locally-transmitted cases were diagnosed in Florida.
  • The Zika Virus is another disease transmitted by mosquitoes. These mosquitoes can be found in various locations around the world, including the St. Johns County area. With 30+ confirmed Zika Virus cases reported in the Florida area, getting protection for you and your loved ones is now more important than ever.

Jacksonville Mosquito Control

Our most popular treatment is our barrier protection treatment that effectively eliminates up to 90% of mosquitoes. It eliminates adult mosquitoes on contact and creates a barrier to reduce mosquito populations; this also works on ticks. Technicians strategically distribute our EPA-registered treatment throughout your backyard, which creates an odorless barrier that continues working for up to 21 days. This provides you and your family with a nearly completely bug-free environment, so you can enjoy all your outdoor activities while providing protection against the dangers of mosquitoes and ticks.

Scheduled Service & Satisfaction Guarantee

We focus on eradicating breeding grounds and other likely mosquito-prone areas on your property. Living pests are eliminated on contact and our time-released product works to keep your yard mosquito-free until your next scheduled treatment. You don’t even need to be home during applications. Mosquito Squad of Greater Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra provides friendly advance reminders of upcoming service and leaves you notice once we’ve completed your treatment.

Covering every inch of your bare skin with smelly mosquito repellent every time you go outside isn’t any fun and isn’t always effective. We’re convinced you’ll love our mosquito barrier control treatment, so we offer a no hassle, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

For optimal mosquito prevention and protection, we recommend season-long control at 21-day intervals. Let Mosquito Squad of Mosquito Squad of Greater Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra help you get rid of irritating pests by contacting us today at 904-559-3414.

Areas we service: Amelia Island, Atlantic Beach, Callahan, Fernandina Beach, Fleming Island, Hilliard, Jacksonville, Greater Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach. Neptune Beach, Nocatee, Ponte Vedra, Ponte Vedra Beach, St. Augustine, St. Johns County and Yulee.

Don’t see your location on the list? Give us a call to see if we service your Florida area neighborhood too!

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It only takes one (1) mosquito to make you sick

You may think having an unprotected property means you will have a few pesky mosquitoes here and there. You will have to light a candle or spray some spray when you are going outside for the evening, no big deal. Right? Wrong. What you don’t know can hurt you, and your neighbors. It only takes one bite from one mosquito carrying West Nile Virus (WNV) or Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) or another mosquito-borne illness to make you, a loved one very sick.

Here at Mosquito Squad of Greater Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra we like numbers. Numbers help us make sure we are doing our job. How many mosquitoes did you see in your yard before we treated it? How many did you see after?Numbers are a perfect measuring tool. Let’s look at the numbers to see how the mosquito populations can grow in on your unprotected St. Johns County property in just four (4) short weeks:

Week One

And it begins… one female mosquito bites you. The blood you provided her allows her to develop viable eggs. This little lady goes and lays up to 300 eggs at one time! (She can lay 3 batches of eggs in her lifetime.) About half of these 300 eggs will become egg laying female mosquitoes, hanging out in your backyard waiting for a meal to help them produce their 300 eggs.

Week Two

Now you have 151 female mosquitoes on your property laying eggs. Not only will these mosquitoes be gaining 300 new siblings as Mom lays 300 more eggs, but they are also making Momma mosquito a grandma to 45,000 grandbabies. Add the grandbabies and siblings up and you have 45,300 new mosquitoes during week two.

Week Three

It is safe to assume half of week two’s new mosquitoes are egg laying females, or 22,650. Do you want to do the math? 22,650 × 300 eggs each = 6,795,300 new mosquitoes and that is just from the mosquitoes that hatched from week 2. You still have to add their mothers’ new batch of eggs laid (for simplicity we will skip that part).

Week Four

Keep doing the math as we have before and week three’s 3,397,000 new female mosquitoes are laying their eggs in week four. We are talking about 1,019,295,000 mosquitoes in your yard in just four weeks. Four weeks is all it takes for 1 female mosquito to turn into over one billion mosquitoes!!

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