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At Home Mosquito Control Tips

Mosquito season in Jacksonville is on average 239 days each year. According to Climate Central, that makes us the #12 city in the nation for longest mosquito season. With 239 days for mosquitoes to annoy, bite, and multiply, it is vital for all of us to do our part to eliminate the source of their multiplicity to limit the spread of dangerous mosquito-borne diseases.

The Mosquito Life Cycle & Water’s Role

Female mosquitoes need blood to produce and nourish eggs, and a standing water source to lay the eggs and nurture them through the life cycle to adulthood. Three of the four stages of a mosquito’s life relies on standing water sources for survival. At Mosquito Squad of Greater Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra, we are thrilled to help you eliminate up to 90% of mosquitoes on your property, but we ask that you do what you can to reduce the sources of mosquito population growth from your yard.

We offer the T’s of mosquito control to help you remember what to look for and do in your yard.

Standing water is a vital source for mosquito population growth. Eliminate all standing water from your yard by tipping over anything that can hold any amount of water such as children’s toys, plant saucers, pet dishes, gutters, barbecue grills, and more. Don’t forget, an item as small as a bottle cap holds enough water to support mosquito egg, larva, and pupae.

Be sure to toss any excess yard waste immediately. Excessive leaves, grass, firewood and yard clippings can hold moisture fostering areas for mosquito population growth.

Large items such as kiddie pools, sandboxes, and wheelbarrows should be turned over to avoid holding rain or irrigation water.

Remove Tarps
If tarps are not taut they can hold water. So whether you are keeping your firewood pile dry or you are covering a parked boat, make sure your tarps are secured tightly and check them for water after heavy rain.

Take Care
Home maintenance is vital for avoiding standing water around your yard. Keep gutters and downspouts clean, keep the grass mowed short, and keep faucets and irrigation systems maintained to avoid pooling due to leaks. Be sure to dump, clean, and refill your bird baths at least once a week to keep mosquitoes from developing.

Additional areas to watch for standing water include hollows in trees, sewer drains, ditches, culverts and decorative water features. Remember to keep your water feature fountains on, stocked with fish, or clean them out.

Team Up
Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra Beach are gorgeous places to live. Homes in our neighborhoods can be quite close together to meet demands. Mosquitoes breeding and developing at a neighbor’s home can affect you. Talking with your neighbors about the T’s of mosquito control can help spread the word to help the entire community. Share this page with your HOA Facebook Group or NextDoor page to encourage everyone to participate in mosquito source reduction.

Mosquito barrier treatment is a perfect way to eliminate up to 90% of mosquitoes that are hanging around your yard. Our mosquito control service reduces your need for using mosquito spray on yourself, and with our time released formula continues to work for up to 3 weeks. Call Mosquito Squad of Greater Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra to get a free quote for mosquito control treatment at your home. 904-559-3414

Tire swings and other children’s toys could be inadvertently helping the mosquito population grow.

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