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Spider Control Services

There’s nothing quite so creepy as a spider. Add in the fact that many of them are poisonous, and you’ve got a receipt for disaster when they find their way onto your property. The best course of action is to keep them away in the first place and ensure they don’t nest in your yard.

Keeping spiders away from your boats and docks

The professionals at Mosquito Squad of Greater Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra can help keep spiders from making their homes on your property, dock or boat. Spiders are drawn to the water, and when you have a waterfront home, that means your living space is a target.

There are things you can do to help keep spiders from making your home theirs. Be sure to repair or replace any damaged window screens. If you notice that there are gaps when your doors and windows are closed, be sure to use caulk to fill them in.

Taking prevention and protection one step further

While you can help get rid of spiders once they invade your yard and home, we can help keep them out of your yard in the first place. With our barrier treatment, your yard will be treated once every three weeks. This spider control will eliminate any existing spiders on your property and keep others from ever arriving.

The Mosquito Squad of St. Johns difference

Our team of professionals can offer you several options when it comes to protecting your loved ones from spiders in the outdoor areas of your home. We want you to be able to enjoy your outdoor areas knowing you and your family will be safe from spider bites.

Both black widows and brown recluses make their homes in the St. Johns area, and both are highly poisonous. If you see one, don’t deal with it yourself. Give us a call at 904-559-3414 and let us help protect you and your family today!

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